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Destination Aviation Seminar prepares you like no other program to have the confidence, knowledge and attitude to safely approach that first flight in the left seat of an aircraft. The seminar begins on Friday evening with an introduction and flight simulator instruction. On Saturday you will really get your feet wet with aerodynamics, aircraft systems, controls, instruments and more simulator work to reinforce learned concepts plus lots of discussion and “hangar” flying. The curriculum is fast paced but down to earth for the non-aviator. Sunday is flight day and after a preflight you will settle in the left seat of an aircraft and with your flight instructor in the right (dual controls of course) put into real time all the knowledge and simulated flight practice. 
Unfortunately for some, a first flight can be overwhelming and even scary - but with your preparation you will be excited and maybe nervous but you will have control of the situation and the aircraft. This is what makes the seminar such a great way to Experience Aviation. 


Enrollments are limited and prior registration is required. See below for details on enrollment. 

At this time we are offering DA Seminars on these dates: 

October 5-7, 2012
For more details and to register please download the DA Seminar Handbook HERE.

You may also contact the Education Department at 863-644-2431 ext. 183 or email

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