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Sprint 40 and Cat Shot


Rob Logan Lancair Legacy Open 234.55 Knots 1st
James Redmon Berkut 360RG 203.47 Knots 1st
Bruce Hammer Glassair TD-1 360FX 212.70 Knots 1st
Brian Kraut Mustang II 360FX 181.31 Knots 2nd
Lee Walton Thorp T-18 360FX 177.32 Knots 3rd
Les Burril Mustang II 320RG 174.21 Knots 1st
David Read Thorp T-18 320FX 158.67 Knots 1st
Robin Young Glassair TD-1 320FX 154.03 Knots 2nd
Jeff Barnes RV-6 RV-Blue 195.16 Knots 1st

During SUN 'n FUN, a pair of fun events for Performance Enthusiast’s will be held at Lakeland-Linder Airport, scheduled for Thursday. Here is the opportunity to demonstrate your piloting precision, test your airplanes performance and have some safe but competitive fun!  Special parking in the Race Pits Homebuilt area will be provided.

The Cat Shot is a timed launch from flag drop to the 6000’ mark where timers will clock elapsed time.  Aircraft will be launched one-at-a-time. Sprint 40 contestants will continue their takeoff and run a short 40 mile closed course timed from the 6000’ mark on the runway; finishing overhead to stop the clock. A registration process will collect all the usual paperwork data.

Specific classes will be determined by participation. This event will be limited to piston aircraft. The numbers of entries are limited by the available time slot during the event to 30 participants. A wait list will be maintained and if enough demand materializes, a second segment may be added.

Pre-registration is required as well as a $25.00 non-refundable fee. This fee includes one (1) meal ticket for the awards cookout and allows the registrant to buy a 2nd meal ticket for $15.00 if desired. Registrants may also purchase up to two (2) Weekly Wristband vouchers at a discounted rate of $80 each. Regular price is $120. This discount will be applied at time of checkout on the SNF web site.

Participants must fill out the form below and all information is required. Aircraft should have all required equipment and paperwork on board. We won’t be checking aircraft but our Friendly Aviation Administration may perform random ramp checks. Be prepared. An info packet will be sent to paid registrants.


A mandatory brief will be conducted during SUN ‘n FUN in the Showcase Briefing building near the Vintage building. Immediately prior to launch, another short briefing will be conducted for roll call, weather briefing and change updates at the Race Pits Tent. No attendance, no fly.

Upon registration you will receive an email with insurance requirements to participate in this event.

If you have any questions, please email Craig Payne.

Please fill out the form below to register and participate.

Registration has concluded!  Register early next year!

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