FAA Safety Seminars at SUN ‘n FUN


Who can perform an annual on an aircraft with a standard airworthiness certificate; can that same person sign-off a Light Sport Aircraft; what about an experimental? What about maintenance; can an A&P work on your experimental aircraft; may an IA perform an annual inspection as they would on an aircraft with a special airworthiness certificate?

Join us on our journey as we discuss the twists and turns of who can perform what maintenance on what types of aircraft and who can legally make the required sign offs. Our speaker will compare what is allowable on what type of aircraft, under what circumstances by what type of mechanic and or IA.

Unfortunately some mechanics have run into issues by doing the wrong thing on the wrong sort of aircraft. Certainly pilots are not immune to similar issues and have unwittingly let the wrong person sign off or maintain their aircraft or they themselves have or have not performed maintenance or logbook entries which perhaps may have been inappropriate.

This event is for MECHANICS and AIRMEN to get a clear picture as to who(m) can do what on what type of aircraft.

This event is designed to be an interactive audience experience. PLEASE bring your questions and participate in the discussion!

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Contact Information: Mark Ducorsky, Phone: (863) 226-3595, Topflier@apexeagle.net


Coming up…

Oct. 4, 2016: “NextGen Avionics and the advantages they bring to Pilots and Mechanics”

Oct. 14, 2016: “Risk Management in Flight Instructing and Multi-Pilot Environments”
Contact Information: Mark Ducorsky, Phone: (863) 226-3595, Topflier@apexeagle.net

Location of Seminars:
FAA Safety Center (Orlando Field Office)
4425 SUN ‘n FUN Road
Lakeland, FL 33811

Directions to Venue: The FAA Safety Center (new name: Orlando Field Office) is centrally located on the SUN ‘n FUN Expo Campus at the corner of Laird Drive and SUN ‘n FUN Road. Forums entrance is on the west side of the building.

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