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SUN 'n FUN Radio

SUN 'n FUN Radio Stream from

Whether you are a first time visitor or long time SUN 'n FUN guest, there is never enough time to take in all the activities at the fly-in. And, did you ever try to read a program book and walk?

We have the solution—SUN 'n FUN Radio 1510 AM. Tune in… We will keep you updated on scheduled events as well as special activities, and guests for the day. Tune in mornings to hear Dave "The Radio Guy" Shallbetter bring you interviews with a variety of interesting pilots, builders, aviation enthusiasts, and SUN 'n FUN exhibitors, sponsors & advertisers, as well as weather updates, traffic reports and major news stories. 

Please follow us on Twitter- SnFRadio

Are you looking for an exciting new way to volunteer? Come by and see the staff at SUN ‘n FUN Radio! 

We have almost 30 volunteer reporters & staff to cover SUN 'n FUN. All volunteer announcers and reporters work very hard to cover all aspects of the fly-in, but we need your input. If you have a story to share, let us know. Stop by the studio to chat on the air or we can set up a time to record your story. We are conveniently located on the corner of Voyager Path and Clubhouse Row.

SUN 'n FUN Radio Announcements  


  • SnFRadio announcements reach attendees locally on our 1510 AM broadcast and worldwide via our audio stream on 

  • Announcements are aired prior to and during SUN 'n FUN. Announcements are also added to our year-round SnF Radio programming loop which will provide additional exposure for your company throughout the year.

  • In addition, purchasing a SnFRadio an announcement package qualifies you for a live interview on SnFRadio, giving you approximately 10 minutes to promote your company live on air.

  • As an added value, your announcement is posted on the internet for you to share.  (Example:

  • We also provide visibility for your company by placing your logo on promotional signage located on the SnF Radio broadcast deck adjacent to the popular Sunset Grill. 

  • Additional packages & sponsorship opportunities are available; please contact us for more SnFRadio exposure options. 

  • A direct website link from the SUN 'n FUN Online Exhibitor Directory to the advertisers website, if provided.  (exhibitors who advertisers only)

Ad Rates for Radio Announcements:


2 - thirty second spots per day / 6 Days.......... $300 (12 spots)

4 - thirty second spots per day / 6 Days............$550 (24 spots)

PRIME TIME - Airshow

With the purchase of one of the announcement packages above and selecting the box below, one of your spots can be aired during the daily airshow!

1 - thirty sec. Airshow spot per day / 6 Days... $100

Customized packages are also available.


Please review the following for the setup process:

Script Setup Process:

A signed advertising contract is required prior to script submission.  Sponsors/Participants are asked to provide a brief description of their company, product or service, including their website and SUN ‘n FUN exhibit location, that the SUN ‘n FUN Radio production staff will edit and use to prepare a 30 second announcement, publicizing your sponsorship of SUN ‘n FUN Radio. Scripted copy will be reviewed with each sponsor for final approval prior to recording. Recorded announcement will be provided for sponsor review, as a courtesy, prior to airing. Changes to recorded announcements may incur additional studio time fees. Submit advertising contract to the contact information above. Email script to:

Click on the following links for the 2014 SUN 'n FUN Advertising Contacts and Mechanical Requirements.

SnFRadio Shout Out Request

Click here and complete a form to request a "Shout Out" Live on SnFRadio during the SUN 'n FUN Fly-In.  Shout Outs can be any message you'd like to get out to the SnFRadio audience. I.E.: deals offered by sponsors or exhibitors only to SUN 'n FUN Fly-in attendees, invitations to special events, a "Hello" message from you to your friends... Just about ANYTHING!  SnFRadio reserves the right to edit Shout-Outs for content and length. You may be contacted prior to your Shout-Out being approved. Requesting a Shout Out is not a guarantee it will be aired.


Questions or more information, please call 863-904-4003 or email:

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